Blokes and body image struggles

"...I wanted to share with you my last year of gains, losses, fat spells and insecurities".

It's true. Every time I catch a glimpse of myself on TV I gasp in horror and turn away... "oh its just been the off-season, I'll get shape back before the final episode" I tell myself.

I think being a bloke can be just as tough as being a woman when it comes to body-image worries, especially if you're in the media.

The world is full of judgemental bitches (and I'm not talking about female internet trolls here- some blokes write some crazy shit about you online!). Every day we are hounded by images of muscly men oozing masculinity- strutting through a car ad, or on a billboard advertising undies, or even the rugged toned lads on the footy fields- we elevate muscle and fitness to legend status, warrior material and the epitome of masculinity.

 [left} My late 20's were my fat days. 85kg and no shape

  "...I would be a little insecure about my body image".

 Then there's me. A mid 30's bloke from Melbourne who's the king of off-peak, low rating, weekend television who you've most likely never heard of lol!

I'll be honest with you, throughout the years I've struggled with weight, I'm from a plump family blood line and have to constantly work at keep the 'plumpy spread' at bay. If you sat me down in a psychologist's chair I'd even go as far as saying I would be a little insecure about my body image. No matter how fit I think I am, my mind always tells me I'm not good enough, still fat... and I'll sometimes stare at Men's Health magazine wondering if I missed the fitness boat...

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