How to train your puppy

How to train a puppy- do Beagles make good pets

Written by Walt Collins.

So my little best friend is called Nugget and he's just turned four and a half years old. He is a full blood Beagle and is one of the most beautiful, friendly and character-filled animals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

If you haven't seen it already, Nugget has his own Network Ten series called Animal Extra- where he lets me co-host with him. It's a glossy Sunday morning show which is aimed at grown ups and free from over excited zoo rangers jumping around with lizards.  He's even got his own Facebook and Instagram pages- ridiculous.


 But it hasn't all been plain sailing owning a dog.

When I first got him he was as cute as a button, a little 14 week old pup, skinny as a rake with long dangly legs and ears which dragged along the ground. I arrived home with him in a cardboard box and for the first hour it was great fun. But- as all humans do, I just wanted a little sit down with a cuppa and some TV time. It's then I realised I'd never have a minute to myself ever again. Ever. My first sit-down coffee on the couch an hour into dog ownership was ruined by a puppy jumping from the couch onto my chest and knocking the coffee all over. Having only had cats before, I promptly looked for his off-switch and realised there wasn't one.

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