Series 3, episode 5

Series 3, episode 5

On this week's show, Walt and Dani are heading on a road trip to the country to visit Lauren and Scott who have recently moved into their big new home. Situated an hour from the city and surrounded by land, their house is finished but the garden certainly needs a bit of love!

Today, with Spring on our doorstep, we install a designer blow-up spa which self heats and cleans! Cherie from Stay At Home Mum drops by to teach us the tricks on beating a head lice infestation and Walt's real building apprenticeship begins as we start building a brand new home! Plus- staying on top of your power with a smart power company. A huge show and one not to miss.

Special thanks to the guys and gals at Greenevent for all the amaing greenery for our Spa!

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