Building homes special

Series 4, episode 5

On this special edition of Healthy Homes Australia, we have been given access all areas to a hot new display house from Burbank, which is setting a stunning new standard. We were very impressed with how builders are raising the bar in terms of design and style.

Dani and Walt get to grips with the nasties floating around in your home and how reducing humidity can really have a great impact on your health. We've tested out some killer sound systems on this show, but we've found the godfather of all of them- plus we are giving away a massive drum kit!

Walt heads to Brisbane to check out how this new method of building houses is slashing the cost and time of construction- launching the first of our 4 stories on this. Plus, sick of travelling around multiple display villages? We check out what all the fuss is about with a website that's on your side!

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