Taking over the street

Series 4, episode 7

On this week's Healthy Homes Australia, we are taking over a street and having a nosey at a few different styles of homes! Dani brings along our builder Jimmy to have a look at a house which appears to have damp issues. Jimmy spots the problem straight away and gets to work installing some very clever sub-floor fans to ventilate under the house.

Walt pokes his head into a a very nice house and realises that their carpet has seen better days, so he calls in the big guns to rip up the old carpet and lay down one of the nicest new luxury carpets on the market.

We head back to Brisbane for part 3 of our story on building and construction and see a whole housing development being built using a more affordable method.

Plus, if you have a ute or a trailer- don't miss our tips on securing your load safely.

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