At home with Kelly

Series 5, episode 2

This week on a brand new episode, Walt and Dani visit Kelly and her family who live in the outer suburbs and have a really nice home. It's about 10 years old and they've owned if for a couple of years. Two young children terrorise the home and this week, the husband was working whilst the TV crew dropped by- leaving Kellly to run the show!

We look at how by simply replacing a few fixtures and fittings, a bathroom can take on a totally new look and feel- you won't believe how lovely the bathroom facelift looks. Walt and Dani install a super-sized home ventilation system that helps keep your house free of moisture. Walt goes bush with a special report on how the timber industry feeds a hungry construction world. And Dani has some great ideas on hanging your pictures without a single hook! Don't forget to like Walt on Facebook and Instagram | Dont forget to like Dani on Facebook and Instagram

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