Our Hosts Walt & Dani

Dani Wales

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Born in Townsville and originally from a banking background, Dani Wales has a natural flair for designing contemporary liveable spaces. Dani shot to fame after appearing with her partner Dan Reilly on a hit reality TV renovation show in not one, but two seasons. Dani quickly established herself as the ‘queen of styling’ and her renovated houses in South Melbourne and Bondi have been universally recognised as ‘stylish’ and ‘beautifully resolved’.

Dani now runs Red Door Project- a building company with her partner Dan. This keeps her busy and constantly on the lookout for the latest in style and innovation; a perfect fit to host Healthy Homes TV Australia. Dani has done a few room makeovers in her time and is currently developing a property on the  Mornington Peninsular with Dan, so now more than ever she is on the ball with what makes a house a home. 

Dani is smart, intelligent and friendly. Her on screen style is lovely to watch and she's not letting Walt get away with any tricks or pranks that easily on Healthy Homes Australia!  For Dani, teaching her viewers (and Walt) how to create a space on a realistic budget is a fantastic challenge. Trending colours, design, outdoor living and furniture are things Dani just loves to get stuck into.

“Thanks to my hands-on experience with renovating over the past couple of years and launching Red Door Project, I’ve had quite an insight into the world of renovation and design, and what it takes to make each space in your home a comfortable and practical one. I’ve learnt that what I like, isn’t necessarily going to be loved by others so finding a balance between what your heart and your head wants is very important when it comes to creating a stylish but functional home and garden. I can’t wait to share my knowledge with Walt and learn bucket loads more along the way… get ready for some fun!”

Dani, along with her partner Dan, is an ambassador for Cystic Fibrosis Victoria.

Walt Collins

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Born and schooled in the UK, Walt Collins migrated to Australia as a late teenager. His path into the world of media was already well established by the universe from an early age. At 14, Walt began broadcasting his pirate TV station to his local neighbourhood in the UK via a wok satellite! A director in the UK discovered Walt's work and a documentary called WalterVision was produced, airing in Sheffield. The young lad's career in television was born.

Walt Collins has been described as one of the most sought after lifestyle presenters in Australia, has been cast for numerous projects, inlcluding hit Channel 10 show Animal Extra! and  Buy To Build- a new and acclaimed show about the new house and land market also on Channel 10. He also has a successful website / blog which pulls in thousands of hits a month. Walt has a carpentry trade which helps with the building side of this series.

​Walt's style is believable and honest. He's best described as a charismatic charmer, who has the guts and the cheek to make any interviewee smile. His intelligence and wit, together with a 'Down to Earth' spirit makes him easy to work with and effortless to watch. He's definitely an operator!

"Putting me in the thick of it and learning first hand- how the experts do it. I love this series because its stuf you can do yourself. We build houses, install cameras and even help stop Asthma- such a variety! Working with Dani on this show is fantastic, what she doesn't know about style isn't worth knowing. Be prepared for a bit of fun between us both, I'll be pranking her numerous times and we'll both be taking the mickey out of ourselves!"

Walt is actively involved in many community groups and charities

  • Being an ambassador for Pet Medical Crisis
  • Being an Oscars Law Advocacy ambassador
  • Named an ambassador for Bully Zero Foundation Austraila
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Campaign to save Tasmania's UNESCO listed forest